Estate Planning

Having the peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order and that your wealth is being properly managed is of fundamental importance.  

In a world of plenty, of increased life expectancy and burgeoning affluence, not to mention a complex array of tax issues, it is easy to see why estate planning is a major priority for growing numbers of people.   

At D&G we are well placed to assist clients in all aspects of financial planning and wealth management. 

We will work with you to devise strategies for optimising income now and into the future in ways which will best protect the interests of your beneficiaries - so that there aren’t any nasty surprises and unexpected costs awaiting close relatives upon your demise.   

In particular, inheritance tax (IHT) is of increasing relevance. In the UK, the current IHT threshold is £325,000 – meaning everything in one’s estate above that figure is taxed at 40%. Despite fluctuations in value, the performance of the property market over the past couple of decades has resulted in growing numbers of homeowners facing the prospect of being caught in the IHT net.

There are ways of reducing your IHT liability, however. Amongst a range of options worth considering, it may be necessary to have a will drawn up, establish a trust or even gift money during your lifetime. These are all ways to help future proof your estate. 

In any event, we will assist you in the implementation of an estate planning strategy that nurtures and safeguards your wealth in the long term.

Inheritance tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.