You work hard for your money – so it is seems right that you are rewarded with as much of it as possible when you reach pensionable age.  

At D&G, the pensions arena is an integral facet of the work we undertake on behalf of our clientele across Eastbourne and the wider Sussex and south east region.   

In an uncertain world, where the pensions landscape seems to be constantly in flux, it is vital to understand what are, and aren’t, the best options for you to take as an individual.  

This is precisely why expert, impartial advice can be essential.

We have great experience, not only in setting up pension arrangements, but making sure that any existing policies you have in place, are performing in the most beneficial manner. 

Undertaking a thorough review of your present situation, taking into account existing performance and any associated charges, is something we would always recommend.  We are in a position to provide advice on:

  • Existing personal and self invested pensions
  • Company pensions schemes – group, stakeholder, executive, occupational
  • Deferred benefits
  • Annuities
  • Pension transfers

We will create a pension plan that best reflects your personal circumstances – to provide you with income and peace of mind when the time comes to draw down on the funds and retire.

We will advise you of the various options which are available to you, such as:

  • when to start taking your pension 
  • whether lump sum payments would be advantageous 
  • the tax implications on income 
  • what the best approach would be in terms of making future contributions

A Pension is a long term investment. The fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.